Sensory Integration Treatment

Our Occupational Therapists always keep the whole child in mind when working with our clients. Many children struggle with their daily routines, schoolwork, and forming relationships with peers due to sensory processing challenges. We are very sensitive to the fact that sensory processing disorders can affect all areas of a child’s life, as well as affect the entire family. At Kids Connect OT, we look at each child as an individual and assess all areas of sensory processing, such as tactile, visual-spatial, auditory, vestibular, and proprioceptive, in order to make positive gains and changes in the child’s and family’s life. We provide many different effective treatments including:

  • Tactile Brushing Protocols
  • Tactile Deep Pressure Massage
  • Listening/Music Therapy
  • Astronaut Training (©Vestibular-Oculomotor Protocol)
  • Play-based, developmental treatment