Michelle Reed is a gifted and intuitive therapist who can help children advance when challenges derail progress and integrates all aspects of development to strengthen children and families. I recommend her highly to you.

Serena Wieder, Ph.D. 
Founder and Director of the DIR Institute
/Clinical Director of the Profectum Foundation

My son David has been a patient/client of Michelle Reed’s since he was three years old. Michelle’s knowledge of occupational therapy mixed with her caring attitude towards children and their families shines through every session. She is always aiming to push the child in a forward direction while helping to sustain regulation all the while educating the parents so that a home program can not only be followed through but done with confidence. She is constantly striving to obtain new ideas to get the most out of ever y session and every child. Michelle is a team player in ever y sense always consulting with other therapists on the team to assure that their goals are also incorporated.

-Rachel Gaston

Rachel Gaston

Michelle is a fantastic therapist with a wide range of skills at her disposal.  When she first started working with my son Travis, he had a lot of trouble with self-regulation and body awareness.  Michelle met him right where his biggest needs were and was able to engage him and establish trust, forming a close bond.  As he progressed, she could challenge him more and more.  Michelle has a wonderful way of starting each session from a new place, being willing to meet my child where he is at in that moment, while gently encouraging him to meet the higher standard of what she knows is possible for him.  I am so grateful to have had Michelle traveling with us on our journey with autism for 5 years, from when Travis could not make eye contact, speak, or regulate his body to now where he is in his second year in the mainstream classroom at our public school, and is no longer eligible for any special services due to his incredible progress.  Her expertise and encouragement has been a huge gift and I highly recommend her services!

With love and happiness,

Dr. Laura Licato, Missouri City, TX